Best sports bra for larger cup sizes. Perfect for nursing moms!

You’ll be happy to know that Victoria’s Secret now carries cup size DDD, the equivalent to F. This is great news for women who have a hard time finding bras that are big enough in the cup but not too large around. The incredible by VS became my hands down favorite bra before I was pregnant since it comes in a band size as small as 32 and has adjustable shoulder straps ( a must for petite or tall women). Well now the larger cup size and the front zip closure makes it the perfect bra to wear to work and to be able to pump easily. Even if you’re a G cup, you may be able to go up a size in the band and fit into a DDD. There just aren’t many options for great support while nursing. I find myself just wearing nursing tanks under my shirts because they are comfortable and somewhat supportive. I mean, I wouldn’t go jogging in them or anything. I’m exited about hving great support and easy access as I return to the gym and work. I just bought 2 today since they are buy one get one 50% off. Online they have some colors on clearance for $34.99 (reg $55-60). I’m sure there are plenty of great sports bras out there for average sizes but for larger cup sizes, especially with small band sizes you will not find a more comfortable and supportive sports bra for less. The zip front is the icing on the cake for a nursing mom. Oh and NO uniboob = sprinkles on the cake 🙂


Decorating a nursery with unconventional colors

When I began exploring ideas for what I wanted our baby’s nursery to look like, I was discouraged by the plethora of pastels and animal themes. I knew I wanted something more modern but still soft. There’s always time to do bolder colors and geometric patterns but they’re only babies for a while. I’m obsessed with corals, peaches, Aqua/teals and matte gold. Which store offers this combination of colors in nursery decor, you ask? None. Here are some quick tips for putting together a nursery you love:

1. Brain storm on Etsy and Pinterest. Look at magazines or Google images… Whatever works.

2. Decide on a budget. This can be precise or broad, but it is important. You do not want to clear out your savings or build your nursery on credit card debt. There are plenty of things your little one will NEED (diapers, clothing, college,maybe??) and a designer nursery is not one of them.

3. Pick a focal point. For me, it was bedding. Other ideas might include furniture pieces such as an antique refinished dresser, window treatments, a rug, or wall art.

4. Collect swatches. Paint swatches are free and can help you develop a color pallet. Ask for furniture or fabric swatches from wherever you are looking to purchase from (bedding, furniture, curtains). Sometimes they are free, sometimes not.

5. Window shop. Price compare. See something you love? Can you do it yourself or find it at a consignment shop or thrift store? Don’t forget eBay, Craigslist and other ‘for sale’ ads. I found my gently used Potter Barn crib and changing table on Craigslist for $400. It is still available to purchase new for about $1200.

6. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Make it. YES. YOU CAN. My husband watched some you tube videos and refinished the coral changing table you see below. Does he consider himself crafty? No. I wanted a gold lamp and I pinned one to my baby board that retailed $500. Pshhhh… Got mine at kirklands on sale for $40 and spray painted it. Also spray painted 3 of the 4 frames on the wall collage seen below. Spray painted the black metal side table I found at Homegoods. I couldn’t find any Christmas decor to match, so I made my own. Watch tutorials on you tube or Pinterest. If you want some links, I will provide them later, just ask. I have to feed the baby now.







I’m not sure if I will be any good at this or if it will be helpful to anyone. Reservations aside, I’m hoping to share things I’ve learned either first hand or through friends, books and other resources.  These are things I wish I knew or I’m glad someone shared with me.  These are my experiences, failures and successes in my journey through pregnancy and motherhood as a nursing (breastfeeding) nurse (RN) who loves the outdoors, crafting/DIYing, indie music and fashion. I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista in the practical look good- feel good without breaking the bank sense.  You won’t find the hottest NY/LA runway styles here.  I don’t do Walmart but I LOVE recycling and consignment shopping. My mantra for motherhood/parenting is pretty much what I strive for in everyday life. Instead of comparing yourself or competing with whatever is going on in Hollywood or social media or with the “Joneses”, just try to be the best YOU. Being the perfect mommy (or wife or friend or employee etc) means knowing your limits, doing your very best, and embracing the flaws that come with being a real live human. Love, laugh, live and let live.  ClichĂ©, but words I live by.

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