DIY stencil onesies

I keep seeing these adorable minimalist onesies with phrases that make me chuckle. I come across them on Pinterest and ETSY and they’re usually sold for $15-20 each. I did a little research and figured out how to make them myself!

1. Freezer paper
2. Acrylic paint
3. Fabric medium for acrylic paint. (like this)

*or use fabric paint instead of #2 & 3

4. Die cutting machine (Cricut or Silhouette)

Alternative: print reverse image onto non-shiny side of freezer paper and cut with exacto knife.

Alternative: draw or trace reverse image onto dull side of freezer paper and cut out with exacto knife.

5. Iron/ ironing board

6. Onesie

7. A piece of cardboard to go in between layers of onesie

Here are my finished products! The green one was the first one I tried and it didn’t come out great but I’ll still use it. I was much happier with the second one.



Here is an instructional link if you don’t have a die cutting machine:

** I would recommend keeping your design simple if you are cutting it out by hand

This is where I got info for using my silhouette cameo click here.

A few tips if using a silhouette (as I learned from trial and error):
Don’t use a brand new cutting mat (it will be too sticky and tear or curl the paper)

Don’t use an overused mat ( the blade will get caught in some of the deeper cuts and snag the paper)

For best results use a new blade

The cut settings that worked for me were: blade setting: 2, speed: 2, thickness: 10

The Baby, the Boobs and the Wardrobe: Your guide to nursing-friendly clothing

So there I was, 2 weeks post partum… Still looking 5 months pregnant and realizing that I hadn’t thought of everything. I had read all the books and articles. I had harassed all my experienced mommy friends with question after question about motherhood. All the stuff on my registry was purchased and I was supposed to have all the tools and resources I needed to do this mommy thing. I thought that the nursing tanks and bras I had purchased were all I needed to comfortably and conveniently breastfeed. I was wrong. Here are some things I learned about dressing for success while nursing. 1. You may shed the baby weight fast, but just because you’re back to your pre-baby size (or near it) doesn’t mean your clothes will fit. For example, I’m only 5 lb away from my pre baby weight but things just don’t fit the same. The only non maternity pants I fit into are my yoga pants and my one pair of “fat” jeans (the ones we put on when we are feeling bloated and blah). I had to go up 2 sizes. Maybe I’ll get back to a size 0 some day. Maybe not, and that’s okay. For now, squeezing into my old clothes is not comfortable or attractive. Give yourself a break, and give yourself some time. Remember that these changes are a result of the miracle of life. 2. Think ahead when shopping for maternity clothes. I wish I had invested more money on maternity clothes that would double as nursing attire. I am thankful that I purchased some wonderful nursing tanks in my 2nd trimester because I wore them through my pregnancy and almost everyday now. My favorite is the Essential Nursing tank by Bravado. Target also has a less expensive line of nursing tanks called Basics by Bravado. I’m also a fan of the seamless nursing tank by Motherhood Maternity. All of these have enough support that I feel comfortable wearing them without a bra. I bought a few nursing tops post pregnancy that were expensive and I wish that I would’ve chosen these instead of some of the maternity ones I bought that are now packed up in a box because they are no good to me now. 3. Go through your existing wardrobe and pull out any wrap or faux-wrap tops, or cowl neck tops that you can simply pull down or pull aside. Also, loose fitting tunics can easily be pulled up if you are wearing a nursing tank underneath. Make a fashion statement while being a functional nursing mommy with your collection of scarves. You’ll want to make sure they are thin and breathable. Those chunky knit scarves will be hot and annoying to your little one. (See pics below) 4. Do it yourself. If you can thread a needle, you can turn a flowy cardigan into a nursing cardigan with some scissors, a needle/thread, a button and some ribbon. (See 1st pic below) 5. Shop smarter. Try searching your favorite stores online and use keywords like “wrap top” “wrap sweater/shirt”, cowl neck, mock wrap. I found some great ones at Banana Republic, The Limited and New York & Co. I’ve attached a couple links below.





2015/01/img_1541.jpg 6. Loosen up your buttons, baby. Button up shirts with a nursing bra or tank underneath also allow for easy access!


If I give a mouse a cookie in 2015

If I give a mouse a cookie this year, it will be a dozen or more delicious made-from-scratch, with lots of love and anonymously delivered cookies. Then I can just imagine the surprise, happiness and gratitude that ensues. I won’t be subjected to the disgust and disappointment as I watch them take a bite, spit it out and and say “you call this a cookie!?”

I know, I know, who would actually eat a box of anonymously delivered cookies these days. People are crazy. The point is that my giving spirit and my “light” we’re being compromised by people that I thought HAD to be in my life. I didn’t think I had a choice.

It gets exhausting when someone takes and takes and takes and has nothing to offer in return. Not even respect or gratitude. I think a decade of bending over backward to help someone “get back on their feet” is more than generous. And I’m still waiting.

Have I lost hope? Never. I’m letting go of the parasitic relationships because I want to focus more on my symbiotic relationships. I brought a brand new being into this world a few months ago and I want to be the best mommy to her. I have a wonderful husband who deserves my best too. Some of my friends are more like family. Some of my family is like family. They lift me up, inspire and encourage me.

2015 is about letting go, and working on being a better version of myself. Forgiveness… Well maybe that’ll come in 2016 or 2020. Baby steps.

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