Breast is best….except when it’s not.

Why do perfect strangers feel the need to ask my if i breastfeed my baby and then proceed to congratulate me for doing so? Would I be criticized if I said I feed her formula?

What if I had given it my all and it just didn’t work out? And what if I was still really upset about it. There are so many reasons why moms don’t breastfeed and I totally get it.

Breast is best except when mom can’t take the meds she needs to be well.

Breast is best except when it’s too much pressure and stress for a working mom. Maybe all the stress decreased milk supply and she wasn’t able to recover and build back up to baby’s needs.

Breast is best except when baby simply cannot latch for whatever reason… Inverted nipples, previous breast surgery, premature baby etc. Oh, “just pump” you say!? Just hook yourself up to a machine every 2 hours, properly store the milk and then clean and sterilize the equipment. Now it’s time for a feeding and then get ready to repeat the cycle.

I love breastfeeding, but I can see how it’s not always the best thing for mom and baby. My supply recently decreased and I was fortunate enough to have several days off of work to have a “nursing staycation” and build my supply back up. It’s tough sometimes, especially being a working mom.

This mom thing is really tough, but so rewarding. I want to take a second to say “Good job fellow mommies!” If you’re doing your best, you’re a wonderful mom. I was formula fed and I turned out awesome! I’m breastfeeding because it works for us and that makes me feel awesome.

A few things that have worked for me building up supply:

– Mother’s Milk tea
– pump after and/or in between feedings.
– let baby nurse as often as possible instead of on a schedule
– don’t go more than 2 hrs without nursing or pumping. (4 hrs at night, if possible)
– stay hydrated and well nourished!!
– easier said than done, but try to let go of some of that worry and stress. Relax. Keep calm and lactate on.

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